no orange
Online course
Dark Lips neutralization
Natasha Dsouza
15 minute technique
: 5
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For those who want to learn the specifics
and details on how to technically work
with Dark Lips
For those who want to minimize the procedure duration
For those who want to raise
their income
For those who want to improve the quality of their work
For those who want to increase their
knowledge in the art of Dark Lips neutralization
For those who are not satisfied with the healed results
For those who don't know which
pigments to use in order to neutralize Dark Lips.
For those who want to expand
their services
For those who are at the stage of burnout and do not know where
to go next
For any level artist
Who is this
course for?
online course:
What will be the result
after completing this
You will learn a new “15 minute technique”

You will start to understand the necessary
color theory for Dark Lips

You will learn how to work efficiently

Your work will stand out from others

Your healed results will please your clients
and yourself

You will understand how to properly consult
your client before the procedure to avoid
any misunderstandings

You will take your work to another level

You will make more income working less hours
Choose your Package:
• 2 demo videos of the “15 minute technique”

• Manual

• Access to HD recordings for 3 months

• Certificate of completion
Basic / $599
• 2 demo videos of the “15 minute technique”

• Manual

• “Pro” Group live video call once every 2 weeks for 2 months

• Telegram chat support group

• Access to HD recordings and telegram support group for 6 months

• Certificate of completion
Pro / $899
• 2 demo videos of the “15 minute technique”

• Manual

• Exclusive “Expert” support group
on telegram

• “Expert” Group live video call once every 2 weeks for 4 months.

• 1 live model over video call under Natasha’s observation and guidance.

• Access to HD recordings and exclusive “Expert” telegram support group 1 year

• 2 certificates of completion.
Expert / $1899
limited availability
If you purchase the "Expert” package",
you will have a chance to win one of
the following prizes:
PMU Device
Pigment set for Dark
Lips neutralization
After 3 months I will choose the winners
from those who will send me the most
beautifully done work.
Wulop Champion

Creator of the legendary "No orange" Dark Lips
neutralization and award-winning Brilliant
Lips techniques

World class master instructor

Speaker at international congresses

Judge at world championships

Trained more than 5,000 artists from around
the world
Dark Lips neutralization
15 minute technique
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Student’s feedback
Student’s work
Student’s work
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